Business Development - TANconsult assists our clients in pursuing ventures that may lead to future project developments. We provide an advisory and mediation role between the client and various statutory bodies to assist in this endeavor.

Project Management - TANconsult offers project management services and these services include planning, problem solving and monitoring various aspects such of the project from design inception to construction, including coordinating between various consultants and contractors to minimize errors and or omissions on site.


Engineering Design - TANconsult provides structural and civil engineering design services on low rise to high rise building and civil projects. Over the past ten years, our involvement has been primarily on building structures, particularly on tall and specialist buildings such as the BoT Bank Headquarters, Tanzania 's own twin towers, to the newly completed parliament building which boasts a unique a dome structure spanning 30m. We are proud to offer our services on commercial, government / municipal, institutional and residential building projects.






Feasibility Studies - Where called upon by the client, TANconsult carries out studies to determine the viability of a project.

Contract Documentation - TANconsult provides contract documentation on design projects which include permit drawings, construction drawings, project specifications, bending schedules, as well as final as-built drawings.

Construction Supervision - As part of our services, TANconsult performs construction supervision of building and civil projects. This serves to ensure that our engineering design intent is achieved and not compromised on site. The extent of these services range from regular site visits and inspections, to full time on-site representation depending on the clients' requirements, size and complexity of project.

Quality Assurance - TANconsult runs an in-house quality control program whereby all construction documentation is reviewed for code compliance, engineering accuracy and economic viability prior to being issued for construction.